TRI-DTT stands for Tri-Dimentional Theta Therapy. It is a new and exciting approach to hypnotherapy, created by hypnotherapist Bill Williams. It is designed to enhance visualization, to activate the belief system on your behalf and make it work for you and your highest good. What hypnotherapist Bill Williams strives to do is make an ally of the belief system and open the doors to great power and strength found within everyone.

Once we BELIEVE we set into motion all types of psychological systems to overcome fear and enhance our state of being. It is as if a door has opened into a world the client has never known to exist. As they step through that door they know something is different. It is new, exciting and adventurous. They realize for the first time that there is so much more to the world then their mundane and materialistic life. They have been given this truly rare opportunity to experience what lies beyond their known universe.

The level of trance state can vary with each client but TRI-DTT goes far deeper and is much more powerful. As a result the client’s relaxation and blood pressure levels can change as they have now entered a reality mode using all five senses. This method is much more then just suggestion. As other hypnotherapists know the relaxation of one client as opposed to another under hypnosis can be entirely different. But with TRI-DTT nothing is left to the imagination, we bridge that gap between reality and illusion.

Some of the affects of TRI-DTT are:

  • A rising or floating feeling, rotation, slow spin
  • Loss of sense of room size
  • Disorientation of where they are causing the client to depend more on voice command and instructions
  • Exposed to an experience they do not encounter in every day life.
  • The client becomes more vulnerable to the power of suggestion and imagery
  • Showing the client the power within
  • The client feels they are in touch with a new and inner universe that offers them new opportunity to expand

TRI-DTT is still in development but we anticipate its release via private sessions only in the near future. Please contact hypnotherapist Bill Williams to learn more about this exciting step in hypnotherapy.