"Everything begins with thought and then we manifest it into reality."

Hypnosis is nothing to be feared, it is a natural state and should be looked upon as a doorway to the infinite knowledge that we have within us. To put it simply, hypnosis is an alternate state of mind when all tension and stress is removed from the body. When this is accomplished positive suggestions can be made to the subconscious mind. When such suggestions are given in the state of hypnosis and repeated over a period of time with the use of post-hypnotic suggestions and triggers, incredible change can happen.

Through private sessions, CDs and tapes, hypnotherapist Bill Williams will guide you through self-hypnosis so that you can harness the power of your subconscious mind. With his help you can achieve any goal you desire.

Some examples are:

  • overcome bad habits
  • lose weight
  • reduce stress
  • eliminate pain
  • crush phobias
  • increase memory
  • defeat insomnia
  • increase your self confidence

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