The purpose of this letter is to make recommendation for Mr. Bill Williams to progress in different fields in which he is very well qualified. I have listened to the tapes and CDs that have been authorized by Bill Williams and have found them to be very therapeutic in addressing issues that people have in every day life. I recommend these CDs for anyone wanting to make a change in their life. This is truly an inexpensive way to have professional healing and in-depth help for every individual. I feel confident in recommending Bill Williams as a hypnotherapist.

Dr. Tom Conlin, PhD in Psychology
Niagra Falls, NY

I would like to give both my personal and professional recommendation to Mr. Bill Williams. I have been a client...of Mr. Bill Williams for some time now and must state that I find his services and skills to be absolutely invaluable.

Mr. Williams is a unique individual with an understated passion for his work. He is extremely knowledgeable and is genuine in his innovative an inventive approach to helping people. He has an uninhabited enthusiasm and exuberance for life which is contagious in his presence. After just one session with Mr. Williams, you are left with a renewed sense of hope, strength and self confidence...This is a strong testament to his genuine commitment and concern for each and every one of his clients.

Be willing to approach his ideas with an open heart and an open mind and the benefits to be reaped will be endless.

Ann D. Rn

I am a 49 year old woman who has had a severe drinking problem for the past 6 years; I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse which still caused me severe problems.

I was an angry, hateful, mean and spiteful person when I drank alcohol, which was every day. It was starting to affect my work; my relationship with my husband was almost over as he could not take anymore. He hated to see me be like that. As a last ditch effort he asked me to try hypnosis as he heard that it might help. I called Mr. Bill Williams and we must have talked for over an hour. He said he could help me, not only to stop drinking but to make my whole life better. I was a little sceptical but I was desperate so I went to see Mr. Williams. As I was driving to see him I was a mess, I had just finished four days of non stop drinking, and I was still crying and angry with life in general. My first visit was two hours long and when I left I couldn't believe how transformed I felt, how happy and at peace I was. I have not had any alcohol since that night eight weeks ago. Mr. Williams has given me the kind of life I used to sit and cry for and only dreamt of. My husband is still in awe as he can not believe it happened so quickly and effortlessly. Even the people I work with who did not know I had problems were asking me what I was doing as they said my face had a glow about it and my eyes were positively shining. What Mr. Williams said to me that first night came true; he said he was not going to change me as he was going to cause a complete metamorphosis. Thank you Mr. Williams you did what you said, I will never have enough thanks for my life because that is now what I have.

Jean C.

I am very pleased with the progress I am making with my therapy. I am confident I will be completely over my anxiety. I am grateful that you have the scruples to work with your patients until they are well. I feel for the first time in many years a joy and anticipation of life. I experienced a new therapy called "tri-dtt" (tri-dimensional theta therapy) which was unique and stimulating to the unconscious mind.

Thank you,

Rose C.

I would like to take a few minutes to thank you for all you have done for me. I came to your about my smoking addiction. I had tried everything out there in the market and had spent thousands of dollars and failed. My health due to smoking was getting worse, my family Doctor tried to help me but with no success.

One Sunday night I was going through the phone book again for help to quit smoking. I did not know it then, but it turned out to be the best thing I had ever done for myself.

Mr. Williams, I found you very professional and at the same time concerned as I was so stressed. You worked with me until I accomplished my goal of no smoking. I just didn't quit smoking Mr. Williams; you gave me confidence and a positive outlook.

I smoked for 37 years and I am now a non-smoking. I feel this is the biggest accomplishment I have ever done. What a nice feeling and I have you to thank.


Nancy M.

About a week ago I came to see Mr. Williams for a problem that was extremely serious to me. I had just started training at a new career and had resigned from an extremely stable, well-paying job. My new career is working in the emergency field and is something that I knew would challenge me and give me a personal satisfaction in being able to save lives on a daily basis.

I started the training and found that after eight hours of schooling a day I was expected to do an average of six hours of homework and two hours of studying per night. The training would be over a sixteen week period. The sixteen hours a day and the workload cased me an extreme amount of stress. I quit a stable job to pursue another career and now found myself worrying every second whether I made the right choice. My concerns were whether I could handle sixteen hours a day of training and would be able to pass the daily tests and homework assignments. If I did not, I would be without a job and not able to support my family.

I began vomiting for three hours every morning, bouts of diarrhea, sweating, nervousness, anger, depression and many mood swings. My mild case of asthma acted up severely and I found that panic attacks were causing me dizziness and the feeling of a 1,000 pound safe was sitting on my chest. I had pains in my chest and various other severe symptoms. I vomited blood one morning and was basically a basket case.

Mr. Williams' services were recommended to me by a friend. I had nothing to lose and was about to quit my new career (and become unemployed), so I paid him a visit.

After my initial two hour visit I felt like Superman. Like Neo from the Matrix movies. I went back into class with a new attitude. My grades have skyrocketed and fears of public speaking are a thing of the past. Mr. Williams also taught me how to study correctly. My feelings of despair and depression have been replaced with a newly super-charged desire to show my classmates, family and friends how I am going to be the absolute best thing they have ever seen. I have a supreme self-confidence now and feel like a new person.

I will not go into everything he did for me, but I finished another two hours with him today and now I know I can do anything and am capable of things that I never thought possible.

In short, he showed me the power of the mind and I am on a brand-new path of self-improvement and intense power. I recommend his services to anyone who wants to tap into a wealth of untapped and unknown personal power. I am positive that I will not only last the next fourteen weeks, but will be a start student and end up with a fantastic career full of promotions and higher salaries.

Also, I had insomnia bouts for years and they are gone now with the help of Mr. Williams. I now fall asleep at night within seconds of trying.

I will not place my name in this recommendation. I will let my new attitude and sudden ability to conquer great challenges remain a mystery to my new supervisors.