Bill WilliamsBill Williams, CHt.

Bill Williams is a certified hypnotherapist, a member of The National Guild of Hypnotists, The Canadian Board of Hypnotherapists and Counsellors and a board member on The Ontario Association of Hypnotherapists. He is also a certified reiki master and therapeutic touch practitioner. In 1998 at the Whole Life Expo held in the Toronto Convention Center, Mr. Williams introduced a line of hypnotherapy (reality) tapes that were extremely well received and since then has authored many CDs and tapes.

The hypnotherapy practiced by Bill Williams is based on years of research and collective clinical experience by certified hypnotherapists worldwide. He holds to the belief that he has a destiny to fulfill. It is to make humankind aware of the power they have within them to make positive change in their life, to be able to achieve all their goals and desires. What they may have only dreamt about, can truly be made into a reality.

Bill Williams has been practicing hypnotherapy for over a decade, and holds to the belief that knowledge is power. He is continually keeping himself informed on new hypnotherapy techniques to make certain that his clients receive the most up to date treatments. It is because of this dedication to make certain that everyone can tap into the power of the subconscious mind that he founded TRI-DIMENSIONAL THETA THERAPY, a new hypnotherapy technique that is truly revolutionary.

His interest in hypnotherapy started at the very young age of fourteen when he received a book on how to hypnotize "anyone." However, it was in his late teens that he truly discovered the power of the mind and belief system when he became involved with the shamans of the local North American Indians.

Bill became immersed with the life they lead on the reservations and was involved in all aspects of their traditional beadwork, ceremonial dancing, making headdresses as well as all types of Indian wear. He began speaking on Indian lore and performing ceremonial dances at local service clubs. His interest was so intense that he was privileged to be introduced to the shamans and participated in healing ceremonies. He was also invited to sing and dance in the great long houses of the Iroquois Indians.

One of Bill's happiest moments came when they adopted him into the Indian Defense League of America as a member of the Wolf Clan with the name "Dawning of the Day." The Indians are a people that have a pure and remarkable insight of nature. The wonderful and enlightening teachings of the shamans, their compassion, and love for mankind made an indelible impression that made him wiser than his young years.

From these humble beginnings Bill Williams began his journey in helping heal others. Now he prides himself in helping his clients break bad habits, feel self empowered, be successful in relationships, and able to be the person they only imagined they could be.